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Slip And Fall Lawyer Ventura County

When you visit publicly owned property or a business, you are usually under the impression that your safety is a top concern. Unfortunately, negligent employees, managers and workers exist and their lack of attention and care can lead to injuries.

Personal injury cases involving premises liability can be complex and difficult to navigate. An experienced, knowledgeable attorney will break things down for you in easy-to-understand language while advocating for your rights. If you are in a slip-and-fall accident, you need an attorney in Ventura County who can represent you and go after everything you rightfully deserve. Our slip-and-fall attorneys are some of the best in the state and will work hard for you. We have seen just about everything, and over the years we have developed the skills to take on any client and fight diligently and doggedly for them. Don’t be intimidated by their attorneys, you are in good hands with our legal professionals who go the distance in court.

Our Ventura County Premises Liability Lawyer Handles Many Types Of Accidents

Attorney J. Jeffrey Herman has more than 30 years of experience helping a variety of individuals throughout Ventura, California, who have been injured:

  • On government property
  • In restaurants
  • At grocery stores

The injuries can be a result of:

  • Defective or poorly maintained staircases
  • Slippery floors
  • Obstacles on floors
  • Friction on floors
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks

If you have been injured in a premises liability accident, it is essential that you say nothing to anyone. Contact our firm as soon as possible so we can protect your rights and make sure the particulars of your case are being handled correctly. We will stand up for you while you focus on healing. Our slip-and-fall attorneys have been representing clients in Ventura County for decades, and we know what it takes to get you the favorable results given your situation. Do not hesitate to speak to one of us, as the longer you wait, the more detrimental it can be to your case. Time is of the essence. As soon as you file your injury report give us a call and sit down with us for a free consultation.

Contact The Law Offices Of J. Jeffrey Herman For A Free Initial Consultation

It can be intimidating getting into a legal situation, especially if it is with a public entity. But you have rights, and you need to have your rights protected. If you are injured on the property of someone else, be it a home or business, you deserve compensation. Let our slip-and-fall attorneys in Ventura County handle your case and know that we will get you the best results for the situation at hand. As soon as you are done filing an injury report, the next step is to get one of us on the line.

To learn more about how we can help you navigate the complexities of your personal injury case, contact our slip-and-fall lawyer in Ventura County by sending an email or calling 805-983-2344. We will not collect fees unless we obtain compensation for you.